To Win At Chicago SEO, You Need This – Geo Targeting

SEO or search engine optimization has become one of the most competitive marketing strategies today. If you plan to target the most popular keywords in your niche, you would be coming up against major brands that have giant SEO budgets. That’s why you need to be cautious as to what you should target when implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy for your business.

Your chances of winning at SEO in Chicago become quite bleak under such circumstances.

That’s where geo-targeting comes in handy. In fact, to win in Chicago, you need geo-targeting. This article provides information on how you should use geo-targeting to rank high.
Thanks to geo-targeting, a small business in Chicago could market themselves without the marketing arsenal of the world’s biggest brands. But you need to implement the strategy correctly if you want to win the game of SEO by competing with some of the largest brands in your industry.

Geo-targeting will help a small business in Chicago compete with the big boys in the industry without spending millions of dollars in advertising their products or services. Here’s how you should implement an effective SEO strategy with geo-targeting as its cornerstone.
The first step is to target location-specific keywords when implementing your SEO strategy.

For example, a business performs Lasik surgeries in their Eye Care Center in Grayslake, Chicago. Targeting the word “Lasik surgery” is quite competitive and you may have to allocate a hefty budget for such a marketing strategy. That’s why you need to take a highly competitive keyword such as “Lasik surgery” and include a less competitive but highly relevant addition to it such as the location of the business – Grayslake.

Now you got a highly relevant but low competitive keyword in “Lasik surgery Grayslake” which makes your strategy an instant winner. There are many low competitive additions that could be added to a high competitive keyword for your clients to easily locate your business on the search engines. Some of these terms include the zip or area code, neighborhood or community names, nearby landmarks, favorite venues, tourist destinations, and local jargon relevant to your community.

Location-specific keywords should go hand in hand with location-specific landing pages. For example, if a client clicks on one of your geo-targeted ads and he/she is taken to a generic landing page, it may cost you in conversions. But if he/she clicks an ad and is taken to a landing page that is customized to his/her location, it could have a great impact on the conversion rates of your business. There are so many tools on the market to create location-specific landing pages for your business. You need to take advantage of these tools to create geo-targeted landing pages to improve the conversion rates of your business.

The latest statistics revealed by Google shows that more than 73% of online activity in the recent past has to do with local searches. That’s why Google is giving priority to local results in their SERPs. Google even offers the “local pack” search results which appear above all the other organic results in the SERPs. You need to sign up for Google My Business if you want to optimize your local search results over time. Enter important details such as your business name, address, phone number, and other relevant information there.

You should make sure that your NAP data (name, address, phone number) are correct across all your web properties. Google may cross-reference these details to determine the legitimacy of your business. This information is important for your business to rank higher in the local search results.

A location-specific domain is also important to rank well on term SEO Chicago USA company. If your company is based outside the United States, you should use a country-specific domain such as ca, au, or depending on the country where your business is based in. If your company caters to a particular country, it is worthwhile that you target a country-specific domain to rank your site higher in the SERPs. This will help reduce your advertising budget and improve the conversion rates over time.

Here’s an awesome explanation on what exactly is SERP. Some of you are maybe new here and don’t understand the terminologies so hopefully, this video will help you.

These are critical tips that you need to consider when implementing an effective SEO strategy for your business. It will help take your business to the next level without delay.

In conclusion, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing strategies that will help improve your brand awareness and conversions over time. Geo-targeting is a plan that you need to incorporate into your SEO campaign. It will help improve your rankings and reduce your advertising budget. The above article provides information on what you should do to rank highly locally.


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