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Over the years, bed in a box category has become a significant part of the overall industry. The technology has played a huge role in expanding this category as many new start-ups have jumped in the industry and transformed the process of mattress shopping. This has led to a new wave of competition in the market, and it has provided consumers with a variety of great options. Giants of the industry have also noticed this new trend and have started offering their own versions of bed in a box.

The Cocoon is an attempt by one of the biggest companies in this industry not to get left behind with this change in consumer behavior. They want to offer a choice to consumers by offering their version of bed in a box. The Cocoon has been introduced by Sealy which has become the biggest bedding company in the world after merging with another company in 2012. Like the other choices that can be found on Top Mattress in this category, the Cocoon is also direct to the consumer product with no middlemen.

The company claims that they tested over 100 prototypes over a period of two years to develop their own proprietary version of bed in a box. The company controls the entire production process starting from the materials used for making the Cocoon to the finished product to ensure superior quality. The company also has its own testing center and proprietary tests to check the product for safety, comfort as well as durability. The company claims that their products are tested on over 100,000 cycles of durability impact and surface tear to simulate ten years of use to make sure that their product stands up to their guarantee.

Mattress Sizes

As far as the size is concerned, they offer all the standard sizes including twin, Twin XL, full, king, queen and California King. It is also important to mention here that they offer two versions of the end product called Cocoon soft and Cocoon firm. The difference between these two options is how much you want to sink into the bed. If you order the soft version, you will sink into the bed and have a feeling of being in bed.

On the other hand, when you order the firm version of the product, you will have an on the bed feeling. You should order the soft version in case you want to be sink into your bed for ultimate comfort and require softness in the soft to medium range. On the other hand, the firm option is for you if you want sturdy feeling while lying on the bed.

Why Read Reviews

Since the introduction of Cocoon, the company has sold a number of these mattresses. There are hundreds of reviews available online regarding the comfort level, durability as well as an overall feel of this product. It is important for you to carefully read reviews from others buyers to make sure that the end product is what the company claims it to be.

You can easily find hundreds of reviews of this product on the main website as well as on various review websites. Also, you should also check reviews on various discussion forums where you can find reviews by real users on various features of this product.

Materials and Layers

As far as the layers are concerned, the Cocoon has three layers in the soft version and two layers in the firm version apart from the cover. The three layers in the soft version are the support layer, comfort layer, and the perfect fit memory foam layer. On the other hand, the firm option comes with the support layer and the perfect fit layer.

The topmost layer in case of soft version consists of a memory foam layer which is 2 inches high. The memory foam in this layer is used for providing pressure relief. The particular type of memory foam used in the top layer is more pressure sensitive as compared to other memory foams and adds to the overall softness of the end product.

The middle layer consists of 2 inches of comfort layer. This particular layer is made of 2.2″ lb density memory foam which is softer than the top layer. The bottom layer is known as the support layer. This particular layer is 6 inches thick in the soft version and 8 inches thick in the firm version. The cover of the Cocoon is made of a stretch knit material that makes it breathable.


When it comes to the responsiveness of the mattress, there are five important parameters that need to be tested to determine the overall quality of the end product. These five parameters include firmness, pressure testing, motion transfer, sinkage and edge support among other things.

It won’t be wrong to say that everybody experiences firmness differently. When it comes to overall firmness, most reviewers of Cocoon are of the opinion that it delivers what it says. For instance, if you order the firm version, you are likely to get firmness that will prevent you from sinking in. On the other hand, if you order the soft version, you will sink slightly into the Cocoon, but the other layers will make you comfortable and provide good support. Similarly, in case of the firm version, you will feel comfortable, and the base layer will provide you good support.


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