How does drain cleaner work?

A clogged sink or drain can be very stressful and usually the first reaction of most people is to rush to the store and purchase a drain cleaning fluid. How does drain cleaner work?

What are cleaning products?

Drain cleaning agents are products used to unblock a blocked drainage system. It can be a toilet, kitchen sink, shower drain; any drainage system. You can also use a drain cleaner to refer to a person who unblocks clogged drains. However, that person’s most common name is a plumber.

There are different types of drain cleaning agents depending on the ingredients used to make them, but they all do the same job. I will emphasize the different types and the way the vacuum cleaner works.


Drain cleaning fluids are based on enzymes or chemicals. These substances eat or burn the obstruction. On the basis of enzymes, drainage cleaning cloths, in effect, digest obstacles and very rarely damage pipes. On the other hand, the chemical content of liquid drainage cleaners interacts with clogging materials, and thus burns the blockage in the gas heat generated by the interaction.

The components of chemical drain cleaning fluids are classified as: acids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid; oxidants such as sodium hypochlorite; and caustics such as caustic, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. All this can damage pipes and is most harmful when used frequently or in large portions.

How does drain cleaner work?

Chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are quite popular. Chances are that every time you take a vacuum cleaner from your local store, it will be chemical. Chemicals react with the clogged material and generate heat that melts the clogged material.

Chemical composition drain cleaners are heavier than water and therefore have the ability to move in standing water. They give or attract electrons from waste, creating a reaction that works magically.

Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Equipment

Unlike chemical cleaners, these cleaners do not contain any chemicals. Instead, they consist of enzymes and bacteria that feed on organic matter that clogs the sink. A typical type of blockage in your home is caused by particles of hair or food. Enzymatic drain cleaners feed on these particles, removing clogging and maintaining water flow.

Mechanical Drain Cleaning Equipment

You can choose to manually unlock it without using all of these chemicals. In this case, you are also covered by insurance. There are tools designed for this. These are so-called mechanical drain cleaning agents.


  • In the event of spillage of the cleaner onto eyes or skin, rinse with water and contact a doctor immediately
  • Wash spilled remains by sprinkling with absorbent material, and then sweeping and removing.
  • Never use the plunger or drill bit to drain, if the drain cleaner was used and it did not work. Chemicals can be splashed.
  • Never mix drain cleaners with other household products.



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