Can you withdraw money from EBT?

EBT card holders who receive cash benefits must receive adequate, convenient and secure access to their cash benefits through the EBT Program. Can you withdraw money from EBT?

Program guidelines

EBT card holders can access their cash account via an EBT card at a participating retail outlet and authorized ATM locations. At retail outlets, EBT card holders will use the card to purchase products or cash withdrawals.

Conduent encourages retailers of both EBT-only POS equipment and commercial POS devices to offer cash back for EBT cards with cash benefits. Non-electronic sellers cannot accept cash benefits.

How to get and use the EBT card

DTA will issue you an EBT card to withdraw money from your cash benefit transfer account and gain access to SNAP (food vouchers) benefits.

State law requires some EBT cards to include a photo of the cardholder. You may be exempted from this requirement if you are 18 or under, you are 60 or older, you are blind, disabled, you are a victim of domestic violence, you have a religious objection to the photo or you are not subsidized. If the Massachusetts Motor Registry has your picture , DTA can use this picture for your EBT card. Otherwise, you may need to go to your local DTA office to take the picture.

Can you withdraw money from EBT?

You can use your EBT card to get cash benefits wherever you see the NYCE logo (at ATMs). You can also use the card to get cash benefits and shop wherever you see the QUEST logo. State law prohibits some establishments from accepting EBT cards. This includes liquor stores, casinos, jewelry stores, manicure stores and more. .

You can make a maximum of two withdrawals from an ATM per month from your cash benefit transfer account, without the EBT charging you. Then the fee is 75 cents for each withdrawal. You can make any number of ATM balance requests without paying a fee.

Cash without purchase in POS

Many retailers have decided to offer cash without buying in their stores. The rules of the retail line or customer service point determine where and how much the EBT card holder can withdraw from his cash account. The authorization process (pulling an EBT card through a POS device) guarantees retailers that the cash account of the EBT card holder has the appropriate balance to cover the cash withdrawal amount. EBT – Only retailers cannot charge for this service.

Cash in ATMs in the store

EBT card holders can withdraw cash from their cash accounts at ATMs located in a retail store. Currently, most ATMs located in shops and banks accept EBT cards.

Direct deposit

If you have a bank account, cash benefits will be deposited directly into your bank account. You will still have to use your EBT card to get SNAP (food seal) benefits. If you do not want your cash benefits to be deposited into your bank account, you can receive cash benefits via EBT if you do not have transport to the bank or if the co-owner of the account has used you. Or you can close your bank account and switch to receiving cash benefits via EBT.



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